how to install on android boxes & tablets & phones

how to install on rboxtv devices

  1. go to home screen on rboxtv and go to and open APPS
  2. find and open RBOXTV TOOLS
  3. click check tool version and let it update. when finished click open or open the app rboxtv tools again
  4. if it asks for you to grant superuser permission please click grant or allow and HURRY it only gives you 7 seconds (only some devices ask this)
  5. now click update device and let it update
  6. when finished go to home screen and open live tv 
  7. on first line enter
  8. now enter username and password or message me for your new username and password

how to install on other android devices

  1. install the app called "XCIPTV" from the google play store
  2. open it up and enter the url address "" no quotation marks
  3. enter the username and password i sent you via text or email
  4. let it load